Personal Mentoring

Wouldn’t it be great if all of the stress and tension could just disappear out of your life?

What if you could stop wasting your precious time on ineffective techniques and really move forward. Having a life full of joy, ease, and things just going right for a change.

This is achievable, as many have found by participating in my Spiritual Mentoring Programme. This programme is not just for spiritual seekers, it will help all people, to have a better life, including you.

So what can you expect from the mentoring?

The first thing is giving you real understanding of your true purpose, & why you are here. Then we look at your energetic make-up, and ways of making it more positive.

I teach you a new way of thinking, feeling, and participating in life. This is essential as your old beliefs, conditioning, and perceptions are what created the things you don’t want. Next we look at the human condition. What actually makes negativity and how to rid yourself of it.

This is very self-empowering and freeing.

Because this programme is always done one on one, I can tailor processes and techniques that specifically work for you, regardless of where you are in your life and growth. This is one of the great things about this programme. You will leave the mentoring with a clear path to create the life you want and also 24/7 support if needed.

You can come and stay at my home for 2 days and nights – Your investment for this is only $650. This covers all meals, accommodation, workbook, teachings and activities.

Or for people that cannot get to my home, there is now a Skype version of the training available. This is really good for all who live in different places around the world. Skype sessions are conducted for

There are 2 ways you can attend a Spiritual Mentoring Programme.

about 11⁄2 hours, once a week to allow you time to integrate what you learn. Your investment for this version is only $500. This covers each weekly session and workbook. The programme runs over 6 – 8 weeks depending on speed of student.

For more information or to book a mentoring contact me via email at or visit my website

I look forward to changing your life soon.

Here’s what a couple of people have to say about the Mentoring Programme

“I have undertaken many varied forms of spiritual retreats and programs
over the years, but none have had such a lasting impact as Trevor Gollagher’s mentoring program.

I found Trevor’s message to be simple, and he delivers it in a light & uncomplicated way.

He seems to cut through all the mire and come up with strategies for living a fulfilled and happy life. I am most impressed by the lasting effect his mentoring has had on me”.

Lois Cooper, Brisbane, Australia

“I just completed Trevor’s program. His mentorship is insightful & loving. I enjoyed how he tailored his program to my needs. It has helped me beyond words and I am grateful. Thank you, Trevor”

Susan Turner, Surrey, Canada


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