Zen Thai Shiatsu


ZenThai Shiatsu is a combination of Thai Massage, Traditional Shiatsu, and Osteopathy. It is performed on a comfortable mat on the floor. This combination is both spiritually uplifting and grounding. To the watcher it looks as though a spiritual dance is being performed.

It is totally enjoyable for both client and practitioner. Through trust and relaxation the client  can truly engage his or her parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing resistance to be released and a true lasting healing experience to surface.


Imprint Removal

Throughout our lives we repress and hold on to old thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and conditionings. All of these energies create resistance and stagnation, hindering our natural unfoldment of Health and Happiness. Our practitioners are able to dissolve and release these imprints allow for more ease and allowance in your life.

Phone consultations also available for this modality

Genetic & Past Life Healing

Many people are burdened by energies carried along their genetic line or through past lives. Our practitioners are able to detect and remove any disharmonious energy that you may carry from these levels. Once this is done, you can experience a sense of lightness, ease and allowance in your life. A freeing up of your energy occurs, allowing you to move forward unhindered.

Phone consultations also available for this modality

Removing Discarnate Energies and Residues

40% of all people carry some form of energetic attachment. Most of these energies are quite harmless; however some can be downright nasty and destructive. If you have noticed your thoughts, words, emotions have quite suddenly changed in a dark and negative way, which is totally out of character for you, most likely you have picked up a discarnate energy or residue of some kind.

Our practitioners are trained to scan through the body to enable detection of these disharmonious energies and to remove them from your life.

Phone consultations also available for this modality

Our treatment sessions are like energy spring cleaning for your body and soul. 

The more we clear, the better your body, mind, and spirit can get on with enjoying a happy and healthy life!

Phone consultations

For those who can’t make it to our clinic in Brisbane we offer a phone consultation service. During phone sessions, we work from a more subtle and intuitive level to instigate shifts and healing. We often connect into the higher realms during appointments to gain insight and clarity into the best way to help our clients. Phone consultations usually take between 20 to 60 mins to complete depending on what your individual needs require. One session often is enough, however follow up sessions can be beneficial.

Aftercare & Support

We are available to you anytime during or after your workshop, retreat or treatment. We take our commitment to our present and past students/clients seriously and are always available for guidance, support or just for a talk with like-minded people. This is a lifetime commitment to you.

Additional therapies are available at Trevor Gollagher’s personal website. Click the image below to visit.


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